UTRAI 2500A Jump Starter Power Bank Battery Portable Charger 10W Wireless Charging LCD Screen Safety Hammer Car Starting Device


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Common product questions:

(1) Does the mobile power supply have low voltage protection function?

All startup power supplies in our store have 12V overvoltage protection, so don’t worry about damage.

(2) Under what circumstances does the startup power supply fail to work?

If the instantaneous current of the DC port is greater than 10A, the protection will be triggered (the start-up and peak current of the EC5 port will be greater than 10A).

When the battery voltage is low; the starting power caused by the engine cannot start the car;

When the smart clip is not connected normally; when the machine is triggered by short circuit protection.

(3) The flashlight cannot be used, what is the reason for the failure of starting power charging?

If the flashlight cannot be turned on during charging, you need to unplug it. If the battery cannot be charged, it may be caused by the large internal pressure difference of the battery. You can try to discharge the battery and then charge it.

Why a Car Jump Starter is Necessary?

1. Can’t start car engine after you forgot to turn off lights?

2. Go for a long driving trip?

Utrai 2500A Car Starting Device with Wilress Charging Function

2500A Jstar 4 Revive Engine immediately

2500A Peak Current & 59.2Wh Power Bank

Strong Power for 12V 8.0L Gas & 7.0L Diesel

Detect Real-time Voltage Car battery

Digital display of specific fault

Charge Once & Use 50 Times

59.2Wh high rate battery

Digital Display Battery

Show Output / Input Current

Startup in -20

18W Quick Charge 3.0(USB Output)

10W Wireless Charging

Light Up the Night – 3 modes of lights

Flashlight- Outdoor lighting

SOS modes- In an emergency

Burst mode Warning- for warning

Safety Hammer

USB C Charging UTRAI Jstar 4 Anywhere

Start up just 4 steps

step 1: Make sure the power supply has more than 50% power,and press the power button.

step 2 : Full insert the smart clip plug into the jump starter ,the red and green lights flashing


step 3 : Connect the red clamp to the positive(+) electrode of the car battery and the black clamp to the negative(-) terminal,then only the green light will light up.

step 4 : Start the vehicle.

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Israel, Poland, China, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy

Peak Current

>1200 A

Fast Charge

One Way Fast Charge

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